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Nodar Macharashvili was born in 1985,   in Tbilisi.

For several years he published his literary works under the pen-name Tornike Gurjintakhi.

The first collection of his short stories “Some Place Far Away” was published in

2004,    when the author   just turned 17 year old;

A collection of his stories   “Orange House” was published   in 2008;

The first novel “Fireplace” was published in 2010   and   immediately became a   bestseller.

The second novel “However”, as well as a collection of poems   “My Shells Washed

Ashore” was  published in 2011, and a collection of stories “Playing Assault Rifles” -  in 2012;

The Novel MOSCOW -TBILISI was published in 2020. The Novel   awarded prizes and won several literary competitions.

“Nasty Chat” was published in 2018. The novel   immediately became the   fifth most popular literature work of the author and a bestseller. It has been published seven times.

“Nasty Chat” tells about   one of the most beloved and tragic king of Georgia – Heraclius II   and his politically difficult times.

The historical novel of the adventure genre   tells the reader expressively about one of the most difficult   stage  in the history of Georgia  - XVII century. Everything can be found in the novel – love and hatred, loyalty and treason, disappointment and trust, battles and intrigues, self-sacrifice examples and eternal values.  Precise facts and historical events are chronologically described in the novel.

Many plots are a product of the writer’s rich imagination. King Heraclius II is shown in the novel as human,  fair ruler. The story  is full of love and pain, the family tragedy, relations with his children and friends,  sadness  and worries  for their loss.

Out of love for the country, the king is ready to sacrifice everything, starting with his life, but he goes through an emotional turmoil, since he can see that country cannot be united because of ambitions that the people cannot overcome.

The royal crown is a heavy burden for him and Heraclius II  dreams of being a mere mortal,  telling us that happiness is not in power, rank, post, money, and property, but in freedom and love.

The lengthy story “The Feast in Sololaki” was published as a separate book in 2020, as well as the novel “the city of Quasimodo”.

These two literary works were written by author during the pandemic.

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