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The Legendary group “Georgian Voices” is the great treasure of Georgian Culture, which was formed in 1986.

Since 1992, the head of the group is the Honored Art Worker R. Gogolashvili.

From the same year, the group was formed with the following composition:

G. Chirakidze, D. Abesadze (People’s Artist of Georgia) G. Dolidze, G. Tamazashvili, T. Chkuaseli, D. Gogiashvili, Z. Loladze, Z. Bolkvadze, M. Talakvadze, G. Chichinadze, R. Gogolashvili.

In 1991, at the request of French impresario, the music group was named “Georgian Voices” and began to rise under that name. 

“Georgian Voices” has been holding concerts and gradually conquering the concert halls of world famous cities since 1991. They performed all over the world and participated in many international festivals.

The repertoire of the legendary group is very diverse and goes beyond just traditional songs. However, the main core of the repertoire is Georgian folk songs. According to the people’s opinion worldwide, the song performed by “Georgian Voices” comes with an amazing inner energy and emotionally charges any listener.   

Throughout the years, “Georgian Voices” was awarded with many rewards including: Georgian State Prize, the order of Honor, a gold medal & the highest award of the Ministry of Culture “Priest of Art” for devotion, popularization & special service to Georgian Culture. For the first time in the history of similar group - A star of “Georgian Voices” was opened in front of the Tbilisi Concert hall. 

It is worth to mention that in 1992, a disc with eighteen songs was recorded in Paris. This disc is included in the list of the 1000 best discs in the world of all varieties of music, with a rating of three fortes.

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